Why a 2-Wheeler Road Side Assistance?

A two-wheeler Roadside Assistance Plan provides on-site repairs in case of unfortunate mechanical or technical 2-wheeler breakdown including lost key, battery jumpstart, flat-tyre assistance, Fuel Delivery. Shivaay RSA plan also provides safe vehicle towing, city route and map guidance, medical coordination, and relay of urgent messages to inform your family and friends.

Roadside Assistance at your ease

Imagine that time of the night when your vehicle suddenly has a technical breakdown and just won’t start. You are searching the internet for a nearby mechanic, but most of them are closed until morning, while the few that are open are too far away to go. So, now you are looking for a hotel but you don’t know which one to trust, nor do you want to leave your vehicle stranded. Imagine the stress!

But what if you had a roadside assistance plan? So, instead of looking for the mechanic and hotel, you could just call the assistance helpline, and the crew will arrive in no time, they will check and repair your vehicle so that you are back on the road. No matter the location, no matter the time, with RSA, you will have 24*7 vehicle breakdown assistance.

Assistance Provided

Flat-bed Towing Assistance
Accidental Towing
Battery Jumpstart
Flat Tyre Assistance
Lost & Locked Key
Empty Fuel Problem

Save yourself the time and trouble of searching a skilled motorbike technician

Bike Trips are exhilarating, and so are the roads. With different turns and terrains, you might experience some breakdown hiccups. Be prepared well in advance so that you are not stranded in the middle of anywhere, looking for a mechanic. So, if you have been planning on a road trip for a long time, just set loose and let Sachin Crane Service worry about vehicle breakdown.

It is an exhilarating experience- one that lets your adventurous self, explore all that it wants to. Enjoying the changing terrains, taking the turns you please, stopping whenever and wherever, meeting new people, experiencing nature, feeling the cool breeze- all while having the sense of freedom: it is a colossal experience. So, if you have been planning on a road trip for a long, just set loose and let Sachin Crane Service worry about vehicle breakdown 24/7.